well I’ll be..

I’m bad at math, it turns out.

Well, no. I’m actually excellent at math. I took a lot of calculus for fun in university. Even now I’m not sure what to make of that.

I’m bad at pregnancy math. I looked at a late-mid July period and said ok, I’m out for extended mat leave, I can’t produce a baby by May 1 anymore. Except I CAN. I’d be due very late April if I conceive this round. Suddenly this is a whole new ballgame. (I just really want the extra tax I pay for this fellowship to be worth something in the end, it would be much less insulting.) A late April baby also feels lucky for my family, who have an INORDINATE number of late April-early May birthdays (myself included).

Also, somehow in all of my perusings of all the different fertility literature, I missed that lots of people don’t fly while pregnant. Not just after 30 weeks, when the airlines step in and ask you not to, or when you’d run the risk of delivering where ever it is you managed to get to, but full stop. No flying. There is, however, very little evidence it is actually a factor in miscarriages. So little I’m going to say there is no evidence, nothing statistically rigorous. Unless it’s high risk, then you shouldn’t fly.

We’re going to Europe in August for a week and a half.

Life ain’t anything if it ain’t complicated.

lab book update: I’m still reveling in Pea’s non-CF status, and I forgot my headache meds again, so I’m also still hoping the letrozole headache stays away. So far so good, but it’s early.


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