scientific prediction based on moon-goddess intuition

Every time I am one day out from the clinic, I start to freak out that my ovaries are doing nothing.

Not this month, my friends! This month my ovaries ache, I’m emotional as all hell, and I think my opks are already starting to darken up. So this might be a slightly accelerated cycle (day 11 today).

I am channeling my moon-goddess wise wisdom of womanly things (you know, the mystical power we all have to intuit the goings on of our nether regions) and predicting one of two possible ultrasound outcomes:

1) more than one follicle, most of the way to mature, based on the above symptoms.
2) the cyst has taken over my viscera on its way to world domination.

Wait, you say? That’s two opposite predictions, you say? Well, I say that’s about all I’m getting from my internal lunar deity who, frankly, isn’t particularly omniscient.


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