letrozole round 4 nears zenith

I went for my ultrasound yesterday, to a very full waiting room and then a harried doctor. No time to chat, just wham, bam, follicle measurement, and out the door.

I have three follicles on my right ovary that are responding, and none on my left, and the cyst is gone! All good news. The follicles were all smushed into one corner of my ovary, which made measuring them a bit tricky: for most angles only one diameter option was available with a different follicle overlapping it, so I feel the measurements are a bit weird.

Follicles were:
Leading: 27 x 23.6, mean: 25
Second: 21 x 15, mean: 18 (but I think it was closer to 20 average, the one side was hard to see)
Third: 18×14, mean: 16
Lining was 8.5 and trilaminar

So with follicles at 25, 18, and 16, it’s pretty likely only the lead one will ovulate. Though with the trigger, perhaps the second one will catch up?

I triggered last night at midnight, for a noon IUI on Friday. I’d been a bit concerned that last time I didn’t see an LH surge of my own before triggering, but this time my opks for the afternoon and evening definitely showed a darkening trend, so I am confident I would have seen a positive today if the trigger wasn’t throwing massive amounts of false positive hCG into my system.

I am cautiously optimistic. The leading follicle seems a bit big (there is a sweet spot around 21-24 mm from what I have read). The second egg might well drop. I had glorious waterfalls of ewcm yesterday and darkening opks so I don’t feel like we’re rushing the rest of the hormone cascade along. Pea and I got in some insurance last night. I’m not on a plane today, nor for the rest of the tww, unlike many of my previous cycles (who knows if it matters, but it might).


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