academic application

I am working on my application for professor jobs this weekend. I was pretty productive Friday, and for a solid part of yesterday morning. Today my heart is just not in it. Witness my current cover letter draft:

Cover letter

– I am so great. No really. Ask my friends. You’ll find them under ‘references’.
– You should hire me.
– I love Canada, your frigid gorgeous country, I will not run away from your bitter winters despite my conditioning here in the sunniest city on earth
– I am excited by the opportunities available in your school/department, and see strong potential for collaborations with existing research programs even though I have never met any of you and you all might be jerks
– …

I think it’s a winner.

In other news, you should all go see Guardians of the Galaxy as fast as your little feets can take you, as it is a gem of a movie, and sheer delight. Even if you don’t like scifi, and if you DO, I can only emphasize again that it is a masterwork of hilarity and starships.

Lab book update: 9 dpo and rolling waves of nausea and the urps since yesterday. Which I was mildly irritated by and mildly excited by until Pea reminded me that I’ve complained of nausea around this point a few times before, moving me to not-at-all excited and generally quite disgruntled.
So I have (again) learned my lesson and will (again) try to stop symptom spotting for the nonce.


One thought on “academic application

  1. Turia

    I think you should also make a point (possibly in interview stage, maybe in cover letter?) of saying what Pea does, and how it would be perfect to get your job because then he can stay with the same company, etc. etc. You could also mention the desire to be closer to family. Honestly, the more ways you can signpost: “This isn’t a starter job for me- I am NOT a flight risk”, the better off you’ll be. They don’t want to run the risk of having to search again in three years time.

    Make sure F. reads your applications. I know she is willing to do so- she told me! She has been on selection committees and knows what they are looking for.


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