oh, THAT’s why…

I finally figured out why Pea being negative for the CF markers made me so relieved. Yes, I know it removes the chance of us conceiving a baby with a dire, detrimental condition, but I didn’t feel that was enough to explain my huge reduction in fertility-related stress when we heard.

If we were both CF carriers, then we would HAVE to conduct genetic testing on any IVF embryos who made it to X number of cells (where X is the number you need to be able to test).

I realized I’d decided in my head that if we had to do that, we probably wouldn’t have any embryos survive the process.

I don’t know why I think our progeny would be crappy fighters right out of the gate, but I must, because on some deep level I figured 2 CF genes = no baby ever.

It is also interesting to me that this was the main concern of mine through ALL of these past 4 letrozole cycles. I have never really believed letrozole/IUI will work for me, but I do have some faith in IVF. The difference between 9% and 55-65% success rates is pretty convincing.


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