new kinds of waiting

Thanks for all the well-wishes, lovelies!

I decided to go for my beta yesterday.   In an unfortunate twist of fate, it turns out the STAT services for the lab I go to were down, so after waiting to be checked in, I found myself summarily dismissed (unless I wanted to wait 5-7 days for the result.  No thanks.).  I walked over to the hospital and went to their blood lab instead, which was altogether delightful: short wait, and an adorably eager tween stopped in with free coffee, tea, or granola bars.  He was so happy when I wanted a granola bar, and so was I (free food!).  The nurse found my vein first try (hurray!), and gave me an apple juice after.  Then and only then did the reception nurse mention that the hospital is just a drop-off point, that my sample would be picked up at 5 pm (!!) and that I’d get the results the next morning from my usual lab.  To which I replied “but their STAT services are down, so they can’t process it.”  To which he replied “they have to run the sample overnight, so they’ll have to have the result tomorrow.”  He was incredibly nice, and gave me his phone number so I could call today if the lab hadn’t gotten back to my clinic in good time.  So I am waiting, again.  Good thing I am well practiced!

Why didn’t I just go to my clinic?  Blood draws through them are not covered under my insurance, even though their other services are.  It’s annoying, but hasn’t really been a problem before.  Also I think they are also a drop-off point, and they send blood out to the same service.  I’m pretty sure my blood is going to get lost, or frozen for a later date.  I think I just circumvented the people who knew the blood wouldn’t get tested and went somewhere where they had blind faith in the system (that I knew was broken).

So that was a debacle.  It took me most of the morning, and I have no idea if a result will come of it.

I’d be annoyed, but it’s just a number.  This pregnancy will stick or it won’t, and if it is not doubling correctly, I will find that out this week, even if this particular sample never registers (I can just go twice next week once STAT is back up).  

To bely this very zen-sounding thought process, I am also peeing on cheap sticks every morning, because I like data and because I was worried when my two FRERs were not that different.  1) I let the FRER dry over the whole day to match the first and now the later one IS darker, if only by a little, and 2) my cheapo stick lines are definitely getting darker, quickly.  The one this morning (15 dpo) is unmistakable as a positive from several feet away, where the one yesterday was a decent squinter, and the initial one was a ’tilt it to the light and cross your eyes a bit’ line that I doubt would photograph.

So I am feeling ok about everything right now.  It’s sinking in slowly.  Pea has already made comments about redecorating the office/guest room (not remotely on my radar), but has also decided it has a flagella and is swimming around in my uterus like an amoeba.  Which is hilarious on a number of levels, not least of which is that amoebae do not have flagella (which I’m pretty sure Pea knows).

lab book update: symptoms to date: thirstier than normal, diarrhea, and some intermittent cramps.  All pretty mild: if I were still symptom-spotting I’d only think the thirst was strange, everything else feels totally normal for this stage of my cycle. Even then I doubt I’d let myself get excited over a sand-paper mouth in the mornings.

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