oh roller coaster… ugh

I broke down and called the nurse at the hospital, and he called the lab for me.

Beta # 1, 14 dpo = 30

I’m not very happy.  I wanted it above 100.  I know that it is more about how it doubles, and less about the initial level, but this still seems pretty low.

I tested positive a bit later than I’d expect, but there’s no questioning when I ovulated, the trigger would have ensured it, and the ovulation pains provide additional support for that day.  Unless (unless?) one of the other eggs took a bit longer to release… but then the sperms should all be exhausted…  I’m just rationalizing.

Well, I will see when the clinic calls me what they think.  I will see on Monday (or Tuesday morning if the STAT situation persists) how the number changes. 

In the meantime, I will try to temper both my expectations and my worries.


ETA: oh god, now I’m really worried about an ectopic.  Ugh, ugh, it’s just a number, labmonkey, try to be zen.


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