I’m nuts for dental hygiene

I’m taking the day off.  I’m not incapacitated, nor am I actually in pain or sick (and I might be later).  I have 34 banked sick days and I didn’t want to go to work.  Nor did I think I’d actually really get anything done, so this seems more honest.

So I’m watching a Netflix marathon of The West Wing, because it makes me happy.  Pea left me lunch money to go buy my lunch so I can ‘get something fancy’.  I do not need his lunch money, but he was not to be swayed (and he knows me well enough to know I’d probably just make popcorn for lunch if I didn’t have the impetus to leave the house).

Pea is sad, and it breaks my heart.  I think he was holding out a lot more hope for this third beta than I was.  I had tried to explain how bad it was looking, but he is an optimist, and a holder of hope.  We’re both sad about the trip, in light of this it would have been perfect timing: a change of scene and a chance to spend lots of time together and make some fun memories.  We’ll find a way to do that this week anyway, but we’ll save our vacation days for something more fun.



3 thoughts on “I’m nuts for dental hygiene

  1. Turia

    I’m really glad you’re taking the day off to do something you enjoy (hurray West Wing!). You need this. It will be a good thing.

    I’m sorry it is just now sinking in for Pea. It is so hard with men because they are (often) not as connected to the whole process (in that they actually go days at a time without thinking about, let alone obsessing over, the state of your uterus and/or ovaries) and they grieve/process loss in very different ways. One of the things I struggled the most with the whole time was trying to get Q. to open up about how he was feeling. He just closed up after we lost the baby. I guess I was such a mess he decided he had to “keep on keeping on” and he didn’t have room to be sad, which in itself was very sad. So I am glad that Pea is showing how he feels, even though that is hard for you.

    I am just so mad on your behalf about the trip. I hope you had cancellation insurance for most things.


  2. Haisla

    So glad you were able to take the day off and just chill, it sounds like a really wise idea. It’s just so incredibly sad that this is happening.. Thinking of you and Pea. Hope you get a chance to take the holiday soon and spend some quality time together. Hugs.xx

  3. thecommonostrich

    Smart girl. Sometimes I have to remind myself to make space for feeling sad, or else it just explodes from my eyeballs at unexpected (and often totally inappropriate) times.

    Besides, Aaron Sorkin is the bomb.


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