ugh squared

Ok, beta #3, 19 dpo = 79

So to recap, 14 dpo = 30, 17 dpo = 71, 19 dpo = 79

That is some low, slow sh*t right there.

My doctor has instructed me to stop taking progesterone, and to go in for another beta on Friday (21 dpo).  She thinks there will be one of three possible resolutions to this:

(1) the miscarriage is underway already (progesterone supplements may be stalling it), as that beta level barely increased above what my body is capable of clearing away daily, so nothing really seems to be growing anymore.  This would hopefully proceed normally.

(2) the miscarriage will be stubborn, and possibly require drugs or a D&C to remove, if the beta just keeps hanging on or slowly rising

(3) it is an ectopic pregnancy, which will either miscarry and reabsorb or require drugs or surgery to resolve.  She’s not very worried about a burst tube for the moment, as the numbers are SO low that the embryo is likely still really small.

Pea and I have canceled our trip.  Even if #3 is unlikely, it’s not worth the risk, and my doctor wants me around for the next week for monitoring.  I’m going to look like a junkie, as I track-mark pretty easily.

I’m sad, and frustrated, and disappointed, and really hoping this resolves quickly and as cleanly as can be expected.  I don’t want this spiraling into a nightmare of week upon weeks of plateaued betas, or multiple drug shots, or … I dunno, something awful I haven’t even managed to google yet.


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