limbo continues

Beta #4 results are in – 80.  Up from 79 two days ago.

Good things: We were right to cancel our trip because this isn’t resolved yet.  The number didn’t really creep up again, and may have risen a bit and then dropped, with this the beginning of a decline.  I found out that fertility treatments are associated with higher risks of ectopic pregnancies because many women have scarring or fibroids, etc., which have been preventing pregnancies (and which increase the likelihood the embryo will end up somewhere inappropriate).  This style of infertility does not apply to me, so I’m back to the normal ectopic risks.  

Bad things: The number didn’t drop, which would have been reassuring.  Ectopic is still on the table, and I found a paper where 11% of burst tubes were in women with hcg levels below 100.  So we will remain vigilant, but I’m less worried about ectopic now than I was two days ago.

I go back on Monday to increase my elbow crook bruise collection.  Hopefully the number will have clearly declined by then.  Ah irony, where now I wish for what I desperately warded against two days ago.

Until this all resolves, I’m shelving my current internal discussions.  They are more depressing than is warranted, and entail decades-long scenarios where I emerge battle-hardened and barren.

My peeing on sticks for science is going to result in a truly hilarious picture (dark humor, but nonetheless).  The upshot of which is: for the love of all that you value, do not place any of that value on the intensity of lines on tests.


4 thoughts on “limbo continues

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Thanks Jessica. Good luck good luck with your IUI and two week wait! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you. For some reason my reader is always a few days behind for your posts showing up… so I’ll come over to your actual blog to see how things are going!

  1. Good Egg Hatched

    Here from Turia’s blog. I’m so sorry — unfortunately I have been in your shoes. They’ll figure it out but it is limbo no one should have to experience. My thoughts are with you!

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Hi Egg – thanks for the good wishes. I’ve followed your journey for a little while, just as a lurker through Turia’s blog. I’m so very sorry for your most recent loss, and am hopeful for you and your surrogacy plans.


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