post-long weekend revival

I’ve been pretty quiet the last little while, but it was mostly because I didn’t feel like validating my neuroses by writing them down.  For instance, you didn’t get a panicked/sad/worried post on Friday when my temperature was still WAY high and I had a clear, visible, if faint positive pregnancy test because I decided it just might take my body a while to clear hcg, so I would only worry after my blood test on Tuesday (today).  My temperature dropped on Saturday, a day after my period stopped.  I haven’t peed on a stick since Friday but I’m pretty sure my blood test today will come back negative.  I’ll be annoyed if it’s 7 or something stupid, where I have to go back because it’s over 5 but it’s clearly not really a problem.  I’m tired of playing pincushion.

So I saved you all my worries and all my fears. Which is better for everyone, really. Instead, you get whales and hiking and sourdough bread (fresh from the oven at nine pm because Pea didn’t read the recipe all the way until he was halfway through and there was a surprise second resting time of 4 hours). 



 A scrum of sea lions, with whales in the middle, all chowing down on anchovies.


photo (14)

Pea leaves Friday for a ten day trip to the east coast, so expect more from me next week when I’m rattling around the apartment.  This week is about getting some real work done so I can maybe go see my sisters in two weeks.


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