twiddle twiddle go my thumbs

Here is my update on my (previously believed impending) ovulation.  Nothing is haaaaaaaappennnning.

Negative opks.  Fluctuating cervical mucous. Cervix yoyoing all over the place in there.  So… who knows?  I think I should have stuck with my initial thought of “oh, so, a week away” for a follicle of 14 mm instead of listening to my doctor’s “oh, this weekend some time”.  My eggs, they are slow.  I know this.  I had somewhat forgotten.

Maybe it will hang out until Pea gets back?  Maybe it will happen in the next few days?  Maybe it is not going to happen, as per my usual course of non-ovulation without drugs.  Only time will tell, and I am getting pretty sick of opks.

The one thing I will say, and this is definitely a TMI, is that I think I’ve figured out what a reliable ovulation sign from these past few cycles.  It’s a weird one, but my areolas are GIANT in the two-three days prior.  They are literally the size of fried eggs, it’s pretty ridiculous.  And they were pretty big, but not giant, yesterday, so I am reserving some faith that I will indeed toss an egg out there.  If it holds off a few more days, the timing would be better for next cycle, so I’m ok with the wait so far.

Also, in the great and wonderful documentary “The Great Sperm Race”, there is a discussion about how strippers make more money when they are in estrus (ovulating) than when they are not – maybe they get giant fried egg nipples too!  I’m not going to lie, they inspire an instinctual feeling of fecundity.

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