onesie fun

My blog has not been that much fun lately, so here is a lighter post.  Namely, the fruits of two Saturday mornings’ loving labour.

A set of onesies for a couple who manage the community garden in Hippie Ville and love Miyazaki films (Tortoro and a friend top R, soot sprites bottom L). She’s in my lab, hence the microbiome one: topical to our research and just true (babies being the poop machines they are).


This set is for a couple back in Big City on the Big Lake in Canuckia.  I met them through ultimate frisbee, and have shared many a game night (apples to apples theme, top R).  She’s a long distance runner of many marathons, and he’s an MD/PhD in immunology.


I love doing these.  I should, at some point, ask those I’ve given sets to how well they weather, as I have no idea.

One thought on “onesie fun

  1. Turia

    Those are all super cute.

    Glad Pea is back in town. I am cleaning the house instead of doing dissertation revisions. I think I have another three days of this before the deadline gets real enough that I freak out and start working.


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