welcome to a natural LP?

Can it be that I am missing the clinic?  No.  Maybe?  I miss the certainty of what is going on with my body, the ability to peek inside and measure follicles, to direct and orchestrate my timing.   I don’t miss the bus rides and the anxiety and the bills.

I am (now) (almost) pretty sure I ovulated last Thursday, right around when I was whining about nothing happening.  Rivers of EWCM, which have now dried up.  A full-face acne flare-up that cleared up two days later like magic (LH surge? My face was a disaster when pregnant, and hcg is a biomimetic of LH). I woke up Friday to a temperature bump, which has sustained itself over the weekend.

Doubts include: 1) disturbed sleep Thursday night, and last night.  One beer both Friday and Saturday evenings, meaning all four of my ‘high-ish’ temperatures may instead be disturbed. Never a properly positive opk, and they are still quite dark (but I’ve always stopped taking opks once I got a positive, so I don’t know how long my surge sticks around).  My chart’s cover line is really high, because my temperatures stayed so high for so long after the m/c. I had dropped back to my pre-o levels for five days though, and now I’m at my early-post-o levels pretty clearly.

I will wait til tomorrow to see for sure, but then I am going to progesterone support this LP.  I did want to see what a natural LP looks like, but if it is my usual dismal 10 days, that puts the next cycle’s timing with us once again out of town at the critical two days (again! how does this happen?! we really don’t travel THAT much).  So I will push the LP to a more normal 13-14 days with progesterone, so that we get back from this trip (wedding among fall leaves! delight!) before my day 12 and our usual day 12 & 14 clinic visits.  No sense in gathering data just to put this cycle’s IUI in jeopardy, might as well stuff some capsules up my hoo-hah for fun!

In other news, Pea returned last night from his work trip.  It is lovely to have him back, the novelty of living alone had thoroughly worn off and the whole apartment was spotless (I clean when bored, it seems, but I have to get pretty bored for that to happen).


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