I don’t have my blood numbers back, but what I DO have is a script for provera, to begin tonight.  So, alas, my body did not kickstart post-miscarriage, but instead kept on its usual maddening way.

I DO think that follicle tried to become an egg.  Last week was far too ‘ovulatey’ for my estrogen not to be high, but, as I suspect has happened many a time before, it didn’t quite pan out: no LH surge? Not high enough estrogen?  Egg pooped out halfway through developing?  I’ll never know, but I do think this happens to me each time I have an annovulatory cycle.  I get close, but then the egg quietly gives up and recedes.

The provera will put me on the same timeline I was debating if I had ovulated and was progesterone-supporting to avoid our trip complicating next cycle.  So that is good.  All in all, we were never going to get pregnant this cycle regardless, with Pea out of town for so long, so it doesn’t really matter how it ends.  I’m not sure a provera-period is really much different from a progesterone-derived one, so maybe this makes no matter at all.


2 thoughts on “PRO-to-the-V-to-the-E-R-A!

  1. Turia

    Are you taking Ovaboost? I know you looked it up for me before we did the IVF in December and it was meant to be a good supplement for PCOSers. Just a thought.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      On it! Got some in the mail while Pea was out of town, but only started it this week. I’m confused about ‘4 tablets, divided doses’. Is that 4 doses or 2? Also I wish they didn’t just list ‘proprietary blend’ rather than concrete amounts of the various supplements, I’d like to know what the actual dose is in relation to the doses that have been seen to be pharmaceutical. That said, I’m taking them, because hey, maybe I make shitty eggs, and maybe I can help them out.


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