giant smashy lizard

We watched the new version of Godzilla over the weekend, and I am still thinking about it.  It was great.  It suspended the laws of physics, nature, logic, and reason so many times that the ability to suspend my disbelief became irrelevant.  There was no belief, only an epic battle of giant lizard versus giant bug thing.  Plus I’m pretty sure he stomped on my house, which is awesome.  In short, it is a terrible movie, but it is the best terrible movie I have seen in ages.

In other news, I went for blood work this morning and it came back just now (this was because my baseline ultrasound showed cysts, again). It was not my doctor on call this weekend, but another I’d never met. Perfectly nice, but expressed some concern about my spontaneous formation of cysts.  I brushed it off: ‘oh, this happens almost every cycle, I go for blood work, and they are always nonfunctional’.

See what I did there?  I used the word always to refer to something my body is doing. I should know better by now, no?

Progesterone = 0.5.  Sure, not post-o, and nothing going on. Good good.

Estradiol = 420!!!  So…. I am gearing up?  To ovulate.  On my own.  It is cycle day 3, and I think that puts me 3 days out from ovulation (ish? I know nothing about how estradiol levels match up to ovulations, and the follicles apparently weren’t measured (thanks, not-my-doctor)).  So that’s.. not ideal, I don’t think there are many ovulated-on-cycle-day-6 success stories.  Help, anyone out there who has been monitoring hormone levels: how high does estrogen get, and how quickly?  There were two follicles on the ultrasound screen, both about the same size.

So instead of starting femara, I will be starting opks.  If this stalls out, I’ll find out with blood work next week.  We’re traveling this weekend, which might throw it off too, who knows!  Always an adventure.

I feel similarly flabbergasted as I did when watching Godzilla trash the City.


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