Remember yesterday? Where I started worrying my ovaries were going to kill me now that I’d successfully managed to not have my pregnancy take me out? (functional cysts can burst and cause a lot of pain… not unlike the scenario I was potentially facing last month).  And I hoped aloud on this blog that by worrying about it, giving it some of my time and energy, I could ward it off?

Cheapo opk darkened up last night pretty dramatically, along with some pretty intense cramps. Pea and I soldiered through them to get a bid in. Smiley face on the Clearblue opk this morning, so I am indeed surging and ovulating!  It’s like this blog is magic!

I am cycle day FIVE.  This seems like a bit of an over-correction from other natural ovulations at cd eighty-two.

With ovulation today or tomorrow, my lining is pretty unlikely to be in good shape for implantation, but I shall progesterone support the LP anyway because (a) it’s not completely unheard of for day 6 O to lead to pregnancy. Rare, sure, but also O on day 6 is rare, so it’s hard to know which factor is more important there. and (b) I think my body likes the longer LP and higher dose of progesterone, I responded better to letrozole each subsequent cycle, and this will set us up exactly how the cycle that worked had started.

I’m obviously still flying cross-country to go to the wedding, and honestly, I’m probably still having champagne this weekend.  I’d flipped to ‘no alcohol in the LP’ in the last two cycles just because I didn’t want to be able to blame my having a beer on the failure of a cycle, but I’ve got plenty of reasons to stack against this one already.

If I hadn’t worried about functional cysts, I’d be frustrated this O is so early.  Since I did though, now I’m just glad I’m not facing a few months waiting for them to reabsorb (and possible course of birth control if they don’t on their own).  So this seems like the better of my options!


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