wherein I impart over much

This post is all about cervical secretions, so skip on to the next thing in your reader if you don’t want to hear about degrees of color to mucous. I will understand completely, I promise.

So, I finished a course of provera two weeks ago and right on schedule, two days later, my period arrived in full force.

It hasn’t gone away.

I had four days of regular, steadily tapering-off flow.  I then immediately had a day of mad quantities of egg white mucous, though still spotting.  I then promptly ovulated, and I’ve had brown spotting ever since. Varying amounts, varying color, but always around.  Today is day 13 of my cycle, and I’ve been bleeding for all of it.

I mention this because (a) each day makes me more concerned about it, and (b) today I’ve had what looks exactly like day 1 flow: not too heavy, but definitely red more than brown.  To the point where I’ve added protection.

It’s day 7 post o.  So perhaps this is added implantation bleeding on top of my current spotting gig, but I seriously seriously doubt it.  I rather think something cystic is going on, or something else related to how eff-ed up this cycle has been.

Mainly I would like to stop bleeding, pretty please.  It is tiresome.


2 thoughts on “wherein I impart over much

  1. Turia

    Ugh. I had bleeding after the D&C (not heavy, but constant) for four weeks? Maybe five? It wore me down so much. It just makes you feel constantly gross.

    I hope your system sorts itself out soon.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      but what can I doooooo? I wanted to say it made me feel gross and unclean all the time, but that was skirling towards histrionic… ugh ugh, body get it together please.


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