continued confusion and a new direction

Today is either 12 dpo or cd2. I’m not really sure.  See, I’m bleeding off and on, but more than spotting and it’s pretty red now (compared to my previous endless brown delightfulness).  It’s been doing this for the past two and a half days, but it’s not a very convincing period if it is one. BUT: My temperature is higher than it has ever been on an unmedicated cycle and I’m sleepy and thirsty.  Yesterday I took a test (BFN) and booked a baseline ultrasound appointment (because I thought it was cd1).  If not for my temperature, I would probably just think this was a bit of a weird light period following a weird short cycle.  A test this morning was a BFN as well.  So maybe I am still in a super-spotty-and-annoying-LP and maybe I’m in a new cycle. I will go to this ultrasound tomorrow and see if that sheds light. Though I will be irritated with myself if I am still in my LP and this ultrasound is just $ for nothing.  I will pee on a FRER tomorrow to make certain sure, unless my temp has dropped significantly in the morning.

In other news, I started acupuncture!  I found an acupuncture collective near my work in Hippie Ville, where the fees are pay what you can (between $15-40 per visit), and the treatments are conducted in a group room of reclining chairs. I think I liked it?  I think I have strong feelings about it, but I’m not sure what those feeling are.  I certainly felt warmer after, and slightly more relaxed. It is good I am bomb-proof with needles, as the infertility process is ‘very pokey’ as my acupuncturist said. Not an ideal treatment for a first-timer (and I will admit it was a bit painful initially), but I really do not care about needles at all, and it is nice to feel like I am doing something that might help this process along.  Plus a 45 min rest in a warm recliner weekly can’t be bad for my stress levels, even if the little needles don’t actually do anything clinical (though there is good evidence they do).


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