conversations with Pea

I explained to Pea how I felt about all the fun things about finding out I’m pregnant being all used up now.  He was quiet for a while as we walked, leaving the statement sitting there, looking progressively more absurd to me. Finally he said “well, I bet you will still be excited”.

And that was that. How well he knows me.

Pea has gone back to playing dwarf fortress, which means I’ve been rewatching the BBC’s Sherlock series some evenings. Pea doesn’t typically rewatch things, but he’s busy wrassling his dwarves into submission.  Example:

Pea: I have a vampire dwarf, I think.

Me: A vampire! Will you kill it?

Pea: Well, the dwarves voted to make her the mayor. I guess this happens, they are so old that they have lots of charisma. She’s one of my best fighters too, so I’m just going to leave it for now.

Me: but she’s going to kill your dwarves!

Pea: well, eventually…. but maybe she won’t kill very important dwarves?

Two days later.

Pea: OH!  She got one! There is a dwarf drained of all blood in the hallway…. oh.  oh dear.  It’s my chief medical officer.  Oh, and his family is very sad now. Pea looks sad.

Me: You brought this upon your castle, oh great dwarf overlord.

Pea: There is an army of unknown darkness and goblins outside, I will send her out to deal with them. That should solve my vampire problem.

Me: then what will you do about the unknown darkness?

Pea: I have a drawbridge I can drop on it.


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