juggling joy and fear and fertility treatments: the academic version

I have great news.  I was just offered an academic interview at my number one choice of the three schools I have applied to!  I am SO EXCITED!  I am almost equally SO SCARED.  Also, they want to complete all interviews by December 14th, which is SOON.

So here’s what I’m doing.  I’m staring at my calendar, deciding how much time I need to get ready (more than I have, since, let’s be honest, I thought I was just playing at this academic job hunt business this year), what weeks I can potentially travel (we have some visitors booked), and what windows of days I can’t travel because I might be in an IUI cycle where it matters (here, only days ~11-16 are being considered as ‘blocking’).

It’s a bit of mess.  There are some days in there that work, uncontrovertibly.  There would be more options if I wasn’t trying to balance an IUI, and many more options if I could properly predict when an IUI might be (as I think I will ovulate on day 14 again, but cannot really properly tell).

I will send them some suggestions and see what comes back, but no matter what happens, I’m going to go visit a department and try to convince them to hire me!  And I’m likely one hopeful out of only five now instead of one of two hundred.

What is the word for when you are filled with glee and fear at the same time?


2 thoughts on “juggling joy and fear and fertility treatments: the academic version

  1. Turia

    I am beyond excited for you (and, selfishly, obviously for me too). You are going to KILL it.

    Can you practice mock interviews at your current spot? Is that something your boss would support? I gather they can be super useful. I would also start doing some research on the other faculty and think about how you can spin their research with yours to collaborate.

    So excited for you. No matter the outcome, it is a HUGE step to get here.


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