Small cycle update: I went in for my cd12 ultrasound yesterday, and my right ovary has grown a lovely 24 mm follicle. A few other 10 mm guys floating around, but none big enough to catch up.  I triggered last night, we got in some insurance, and the IUI is tomorrow morning.

I am secretly kind of excited about an early weekend morning IUI, as there is this neat looking restaurant right next to my clinic, which I walk by every time I am there. I have, several times, envisioned Pea and I having brunch there, waiting for the interim time between his contribution and my reception (this is what my clinic calls it, which cracks me up. I think of them as drop-off and high-tech-turkey-basting).  We’ve always been balancing the IUI with a work day, with Pea catching a bus from the clinic to work, and me arriving later having worked for a time at home.  So we’re going to do brunch!  And it might feel like we’re both actually around for this potential conception event, which is nice.

I’d rather I had more eggs, or that my opk had darkened up last night pre-trigger, but that egg is ready to go, and this means the IUI timing will be a perfect 36 hours post-trigger again, so I am content.

A funny before I go: Pea and I were chatting last night about how he hadn’t made the bed while I was away at a retreat this week, and how we are both better at being responsible humans when the other is around. The conversation took some twists and turns, as we were both in a silly mood, and at the end of it our projected future life entailed us owning a bowling alley with a castle facade that was only open in the mornings and subsequently was filing for bankruptcy.  A rosy future!


2 thoughts on “brunch!

  1. Turia

    Ooh, brunch sounds lovely. Q. and I had some good clinic meal dates back in the day.

    Also, given your nocturnal bio rhythms, how on earth did you and Pea settle on a castle only open in the mornings??

    My FET is tomorrow too. Luck to us both!

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Pea felt a bowling alley might be too loud to live in, so figured no one would come if we were only open mornings. Hence the bankruptcy. It’s an in-progress plan.
      luck and love! I will be keeping fingers crossed for you!


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