Baby Making Day

Forgive the title, I’m really not fond of the term baby making.  However, as both my sister and I spent our respective mornings at clinics: her for a FET and I for an IUI, it seems apropos.

IUI was fine, and was even with my doctor (only one is in on weekends, so that was just luck).  Brunch was delicious, if suuuuper touristy (my clinic is very near the main tourist waterfront) and suuuuper carb-filled (I had french toast and Pea had a stack of pancakes approximately the size of the Eiffel tower replica in Vegas).  We’re home now and both stodgily full and poking around on computers.

So, off to a tww. My sister will be actually ahead of me in hers, as she’s doing a 5 day transfer. It would be a glory and a delight if we could be pregnant together, with the added fun of our parents’ heads exploding in excitement.


One thought on “Baby Making Day

  1. Turia

    Oh good luck good luck good luck! I opted to get a scone (ok, two) from the new bakery on our strip given I was going to be in at the clinic over lunch. I figured my body couldn’t be anxious if it was stuffed full of butter.


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