come on, biology!

It is annoying to me that we, as humans evolving over millennia and more, managed to situate our uteri next to our large intestines.  Sure, the whole “let’s put all the outflow at one end” logic makes sense, but it would be nice if the organ that might twitch, cramp, and bubble in exciting ways wasn’t surrounded by the organ that routinely twitches, cramps, and bubbles in merely gaseous ways.

That said, I’m not doing a very good job ignoring my middle section: since my main symptom last time was a very bubbly gut, even red-herring cramps from my intestines are interesting to me now. Gassy response to massive excesses of hallowe’en candy aside*, I remain not-very-engaged in this cycle, which I still think is healthier than my alternative of obsess-mightily.

* they canceled the trick-or-treating in my building at the last minute! Stranding me with the ‘candy for the kids’ AND the ‘plus some for us because yum candy’. I leave you to draw your own conclusions.


One thought on “come on, biology!

  1. Turia

    This. Exactly this. It’s killing me right now. I have that weird feeling of being full all the time, which I remember from December, but maybe it is just from visiting parents and eating too much. Or it is the progesterone. Whatever. It is driving me mental.


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