Pea has officially signed me up as a dependent on his insurance coverage at Golden Job.  It is ridiculous coverage.  We are EACH covered for $20,000 in infertility treatments in our lifetimes. In addition, infertility medications, including injectables, are not part of this limit, as they are billed as pharmaceuticals separately (and largely covered, but with a bit of a steep co-pay).  This is all good news.

I found out the IVF info session at the clinic we will move to is held the first Monday of each month and is mandatory if you plan on doing IVF with them: we can’t make the December one (it’s Pea’s birthday and I leave the next day for my job interview), but the January one will work, so we’re planning to go.

Boxes are being checked.

If I get one of these two jobs, anything successful now will be a TERRIBLY timed pregnancy and I straight-up don’t care. Once tenure track, no time is a good time, so who cares if the first thing I do is request a deferment? They can’t rescind a job offer because I’m procreating, and Canada is deeply civilized about this whole thing compared to the US in general. If I somehow lose out on a job because I’m pregnant at the wrong time I will (1) get a different job, and (2) crusade against that crap for the rest of my life once employed and tenured (gotta get in to make a difference: head down til then).


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