letrozole cycle 6

All right, a quick lab book style update.  It’s cycle day 3, I went for my baseline ultrasound yesterday and got the all clear: no cysts this time, and both ovaries had burgeoning follicles (as the other doctor might say “juicy ones”). I have no idea if that is bad or good, but last time they looked that way I threw three eggs, so I’m hoping for something similar this month.

I went for blood work this morning: the clinic needed me to update my prolactin, and I asked them to add TSH and vitamin D on the requisition, as I’ve been mildly worried/curious about them. My TSH was 1.5 in August 2013, and 2.0 last March. I just want to make sure that wasn’t the beginning of an upward trend.  My vitamin D came back at 30 last March which is the exact border of deficient/not-deficient, so I’ve been taking 2000 miu daily since then (opposed to the 800 miu from my prenatal before then), so I’m curious to see if it has helped or if I should be more aggressive.

Both my doctor and my nurse were really sad I wasn’t pregnant, and really really hopeful for this cycle. Which was weird because I wasn’t all that sad, and I’m not all that hopeful. I feel like I am mid-way through a long run, where I’m comfortable but just grinding it out.

So letrozole starts today, and we will take it from there!


One thought on “letrozole cycle 6

  1. Turia

    2000 of Vitamin D is what my endocrinologist wants me to take (I guess it helps with the thyroid too?) so I would think that should be enough. And definitely check the thyroid. Even though my fertility specialist took way too long (years too long) to agree with me that TSH levels matter, my endocrinologist was always adamant that you want the TSH on the low end of normal. He was always happiest with around 1.0 if I were trying to get pregnant. Above 1.5 he’d start tweaking things.

    GOOD LUCK!!!


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