I’m not a robot!

Dear Haisla – I haven’t been able to comment on your blog for the past month or so: the captcha appears, but without the box where you would type in what it says. Hence I cannot prove I am not a robot and my comment goes unposted. The quiet on your comments section make me think this is not just me. In the absence of any other method to reach you, I’m posting it here, so you know!

Other blogspot bloggers: any tips for how to fix this glitch?  It’s more than just the one entry, I can’t comment anywhere.


4 thoughts on “I’m not a robot!

  1. Haisla

    Thanks so much Labmonkey for writing this post – I had no idea that there was a problem!! I was a little surprised at how quiet my comments section had gone in the last post, but didn’t come to think there might be a glitch in the matrix!! I’ll try to see whether there’s anything I can do from my end, as I thought I’d removed the captcha from my blog. Thanks so much again for bringing this up – you’re a star!!xx


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