So much good and so much to do

In brief:

1 – I heard back from the second school, the one I did a skype interview with. They want me to come do an on-campus interview, meaning I am one of three now. They wanted it to be the same days as my other campus visit. I suggested some slightly later dates, and there seem to be some valid options.

2 – I’m giving my ‘job talk’ at lab meeting. Tomorrow. It is done but it is maybe not going to get me a job as it currently stands. So I’m inviting the criticism of my peers and boss. I’m a bit scared.

3 – I’m going to a big football game on Saturday, and then we are hosting a poker night. I love poker. Unreservedly. I have not played in years. I am SO excited. Less so for football, but probably some people will run around and others will fall over, and I have pom poms in my school’s colors to wave until Pea takes them away from me because I keep hitting him in the face accidentally.

4 – I asked if Pea wanted to come with me to the Already Snowy (!!) North to visit people and see the areas I’m interviewing in, but he has elected to spend a quiet week and a bit at home instead. He says it is because we have many many guests for Christmas/New Years (his whole family, in stages) and he wants a rest first, but I think it may well also be because I have been pretty manic recently.

5 – There is so much to dooooooooo.  Egads.

6 – Outfitting myself as a real professional person has been the most expensive thing I’ve attempted in years, and I only need two days of convincing attire.  On the plus side, my new boots are killer, and I found then in ten minutes. I loathe shopping, so this has been one of the harder aspects of this process for me.


5 thoughts on “So much good and so much to do

  1. Haisla

    Good luck with the interview!!! And well done for being one of three!!! That’s pretty amazing. And enjoy the snow!! We hardly ever get snow down here – I do miss the white stuff so much.xx

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Thanks Haisla! I’m excited for the interviews, but also stressed. I’m also excited to see snow, as we don’t get any here, but as it looks like the east coast is getting hammered with a brutal winter again… maybe I don’t miss it THAT much? 🙂

  2. Turia

    Yes, I said to Q. the other day, “I’m not sure labmonkey will want to come back if she’s checked the forecast…”

    1. They will figure it out. It will save them money if they can split the plane fare with the other school, so it will suit them to make it work.

    2. Good for you for giving the job talk at lab meeting. You need the criticism from your peers. They will judge you (maybe harshly) but no more so than the hiring committee. You have broad shoulders. You can take it.

    3. The pom poms made me laugh because it is true.

    4. I love Pea. Q. would vote the same way for the same reasons.

    5. But you will get it all dooooone! Because you always do.

    6. Yes, but if you get the job, you will have a good salary and health benefits and a defined benefit pension and job security…plus everyone will expect you to dress in a tatty, disorganized sort of way so you won’t need to go shopping again for years. Win all around!

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I’m not going to lie, the expectation for disorganized dress for the remainder of my career is a significant pro in my projected career path. I’d never survive a world of suits every day!
      I am practicing my talk! I made Pea sit through it, and he had good suggestions for keeping the Big PIcture thread a bit more clear through the more technical sections. I still think it needs some tough love, so today will be good for it/me.


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