apropos while reading vampire fiction

I got bloodwork results back: good news on two fronts. My vitamin D is up from 30 (bare minimum) to 43 (healthy? I found a slightly sketchy site that says normal is 40-60). My TSH is at 1.33, which is bang on for healthy reproductive juju (and down from 2.0 last spring, so that wasn’t an upward trend. Insert comment on how i know better than to draw a line with only two points here.)

Bad news-ish? My prolactin was 23.7, when normal is 4.8-23.3.  So I am barely above normal (it was 8.1 a year ago).

Google tells me I might have a pituitary tumor (not really, then my levels would be in the 100s).  Or possibly this is impending thyroid disfunction/Hashimoto’s/killer antibodies, as prolactin can be an early indicator.  My doctor is really not worried about a 0.4-above-normal level, but wants me to redo the test next cycle day 3 if I am not pregnant. This seems reasonable, as prolactin also varies a lot with fasting, nipple stimulation, time of day, oh, and stress.

Stress can up your prolactin level.  I’ve spent the last month suppressing my fight or flight response with deep breathing and alternately freaking out and pulling muscles in my neck while sleeping, or wishing to just lie on the floor behind the couch until it is January.  Job applications in academia are not a fun process, let me tell you.

I’ve also been doing acupuncture and taking OvaBoost, that mystery concoction of all the ‘things’ your eggs need to be mature and zippy. Either of which may well be messing with my prolactin. I may lay off the OvaBoost while traveling: my stress levels aren’t going to decrease much between now and the next test, so I can check if this is a factor.

And if anyone is thinking stress and pregnancy aren’t particularly compatible, I know. Oh I know. I’m doing my best, but it’s my future on the line, and a picture perfect one at that (barring absence of small gummy bundle in the picture).


3 thoughts on “apropos while reading vampire fiction

  1. thecommonostrich

    Ah yes.. the great paradox of stress and infertility. What rational person wouldn’t be stressed. On top of it, there is the daily stress of work, family, whatever else… I’ve always sort of resented the idea.

    When my IVF cycle started, my mom’s health condition took a nasty turn. I called my RE panicking that this extra stress would be a problem. Her response? “Ostrich, people get pregnant in war torn countries, and refugee camps.” It helped put things in perspective for me.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Oh that is grim but also quite helpful. Interviewing cannot be nearly so stressful as either of those scenarios.
      I dearly hope your mom has turned a different, better corner in the interim.

  2. Jessica

    I’ve had Hashimotos for about ten years and I have extremely high prolactin (gross but, before I started the meds, I would lactate all the time, even not pregnant). I take meds for both.

    Good luck with your new regime of Ovaboost. I took it for a while, too.


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