just keep squeaking

I am in the airport. Two interviews done. Many many hours discussing science and life and random anecdotes with strangers who were earnestly attempting to simultaneously ascertain whether I would agree their life choices were ones I would wish to emulate and whether they would want to work with me for the next twenty years.

I have lost my voice, but made it pretty much to the end of the second interview before my vocal chords gave out entirely. My last meeting it died, and the person eventually just said “this happened to me last week, just squeak away, I can understand you”.  Sigh.

I would love either of these jobs. I hope they would love me. I’ll know in January!

I did not get pregnant this cycle which was both not surprising (massive pounds of stress) and surprising (my body gave me a delightful fake-out from 11 dpo onwards, thanks body). We’re taking a cycle off from the clinic to get through Christmas, as the IUI would likely be Christmas eve or day, which neither of us feel like dealing with. I’ll take letrozole to keep my body from stalling out entirely, as it takes a while to get back on track.  We may not do the last IUI, I am leaning towards just jumping into IVF like we’d thought would be the timeline. I need more information before we can choose.

For now, I just really need to be home, hugging Pea, where no one cares about my proposed research.


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