It’s always interesting to call fertility clinics, because it provides a counterpoint to my otherwise rather organized life. Just got off the phone with the new clinic, the one we will switch to in the new year with my shiny new insurance policy.

Good news: they have a new location, which is a very short hop from my house, directly on a frequent transit line if I don’t feel like just walking it. This is in contrast to their original location, which was two long bus transfers away. This is very very good news for my life in-cycle.

Bad news: the first appointment I could get was for the 23rd of January. Which means more waiting, and shuffling of expectations. I should have called them earlier, I think, but in the end this will probably work out, as it is an appointment two days after my only trip for 2015 so far, neatly avoiding any possible conflicts. I’m glad I at least called when I did. I can get back on my acupuncture horse (skipped a few weeks traveling), and concentrate on de-stressing in the meantime.

It makes my next decisions easier too, as that means we likely will go back to our current clinic for a final IUI cycle. This month we decided I would take the letrozole, but we’d go unmonitored to avoid clinic visits on Christmas eve, and to give me a stress break. This will let us max our ‘lighter’ treatments out, and not waste any time between them and IVF. My Dr. wants me to up my letrozole dosage to 7.5 mg (up from 5), which had made me think “ugh, I am done with this”, but perhaps we’ll give it a shot.

There. A plan. I feel better for it.


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