a series of pro tips from labmonkey

Gleaned from the past few days of experience and wisdom.

1) If you have an irritated eye, which heals and then reirritates sporadically, hie thee to an opthamologist earlier than three months into this cycle. Avoid said medical professional having to draw what your cornea looks like (scratched. oh so very scratched up). This promptness may assuage worrying about your permanent vision (should be fine, but cause of scratches not understood yet…).

2) If one lives in a somewhat-gritty neighbourhood in a decidedly gritty city, and one has a friend staying who seems overly blasé about whether he has all his stuff out of his motorcycle saddlebags, do not meekly say “are you sure you have everything important with you?” and instead say “they will steal everything that is remotely portable, you need to strip your bike”.  This will prevent mass guilt associated with said friend losing his camping gear and (worse!) a notebook of his musings and art over the past two years.

3) Allow delightful house guests to cook dinner occasionally, as they may concoct the most delicious soup you have ever consumed, to accompany your most successful loaf of sourdough yet! Hurrah for Pea’s sister and her partner!

Lab book update: I am either about to ovulate, but have not quite surged yet, or I ovulated on cd 6 around when I had heaps of REALLY fertile eggwhite. I feel the former is more likely, and I might have missed my surge yesterday? My temperatures have been weirdly high since I started my period, but I’ve also been fighting a cold the whole time too.  So I’m either almost done my LP (early), about to ovulate (probable), or I’ve got some sort of cystic activity that is throwing absolutely everything out of whack. Time will tell, but I’m really annoyed my temperatures are so wonky as we’re without monitoring this cycle. (they are always normal pre-o range at night, and bumped up into post-o range in the morning… I think it is the cold, but I cannot be sure, and my mucous is all over the map lately).

I’m hoping for strong O pains today or tomorrow, or a detected LH surge to clarify this mess for me… we shall see.

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