And so, we are into week two of our holiday extravaganza. Pea’s father and step-mother left last night. Pea’s mother and step-father arrived yesterday morning.

I was really worried about yesterday.  Pea was at work. Pea’s sister and her partner and I were thus left to balance all four parents in one city (and one apartment). If this were my side of the family, and my four parents, this would be a possible recipe for catastrophe, ruffled feelings at the least, and more likely several hours of grumpy, non-interactive people who remain grumpy for having been forced into this situation.  Instead, our day was lovely.  Nice chats, shared meals, genuine warmth. Pea’s parents have this crazy chemistry, and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. All four have gone to the same Zen retreats for years. There are some areas of tension, as is normal, but they are minor, and everyone is adult about it.

Yesterday was also a complex day of logistics. I drove four different cars (rental return, aborted airport pick up when flight was rerouted, actual airport pickup, and airport drop off (in zipcars)). I had multiple people nap in my bed. I went for walks with both sets of parents. I helped one set check into their airbnb. Pea’s sister made lunch. I made chili and cornbread and salad for dinner, after popping out with Pea’s sister’s partner to get groceries. I was utterly exhausted by the end, but had felt very appreciated and that my efforts were being almost over-acknowledged the whole time.

We’ve had four visitors for a week already, and we have four visitors for another week starting today.  I’m excited about it. I’m loving having a full house, and people to show this area off to, and the fun of coming up with tasty things to eat.  I’m getting a bit tired, but I also did all the driving the past four days with the rental car (Pea’s parents being in their 70s and not in love with the idea of driving a minivan around).  Pea’s mom and step-dad are much happier to have relaxed, lazier days, and poke about interesting things in the city, perhaps one per day. Pea’s dad is only happy when maximizing each day, so it was much busier last week than it will be now. They are so like my parents. So very like my parents, that it is so easy to be a part of this family. I know that they love me, and I love them. I miss my family badly, but I am so glad Pea’s family has had this time together, uniting Australia and Canada in our Hilly Quickly City.

lab book update – cervical fluid dry up, and INTENSE ovulation pains on last Tuesday make me think I have ovulated, but temperatures are a bit all over the map still: still high, but they never came down to pre-o levels. I’ve also had alcohol most nights, or been waking up a bit later, or both, so it’s kinda hard to tell. The last two nights I’ve skipped the wine, and woken up with Pea at our normal time, so I am confident my temps are still high, just not sure what that means.  I will wait for a period in the next week (as unmedicated my LP is usually about 10 days, and I’m 7 dpo perhaps), or pee on a stick in a week or so, or call my RE if it goes on longer, as then it really likely is a cyst of some kind (though I can no longer FEEL it, so I think that was a growing follicle).


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