brain brain, go away, come again some other day

I’m 10 dpo. I’m not taking progesterone, because my temperatures were all over the place for so long that I wasn’t sure I’d ovulated until a few days ago. Now I’m sure, and pretty sure of when.

My unmedicated LPs are 9-10 days, with spotting the day prior (and this includes ‘stronger’ ovulations from clomid): no spotting as of yet.

Yesterday I went to lie down briefly, as I was feeling a bit off and we were about to go to the gym (we being all five of our guests and myself). I woke up an hour later, totally disoriented, alone in the house (they having knocked and called for me, and me having utterly not heard them, they wisely went off and exercised without me). I was then nauseous for about three hours.

At dinner, we had a delicious salad. Until I got a piece of what tasted like tuna (ahi tuna from our sushi the night before)… which should not have been anywhere near the salad, nor in my mouth, as I don’t eat fish. Pea suggested it was a tomato. I was doubtful, but tried a tomato piece: TUNA! No one else felt the tomatoes tasted odd.

I would be cautiously optimistic, but it is really too early for any of this.  Also, it all just feels like a cruel joke my body is playing, because otherwise I don’t feel pregnant at all.  Last month I was SURE I was pregnant and that ended badly for my mental fortitude. So I am ignoring until 13 dpo, as I have NEVER had an LP that long without progesterone.


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