conversations with Pea, part the next

Walking home hand-in-hand last night.

Pea: I made you a Sim in my game!

Me: Are you a Sim too?

Pea: Yes!  You have a purple shirt and jeans and your exact shoes! Plus you are a scientist! Mine has a grey and black striped sweater.  We haven’t met yet.

Me: Sounds perfect!

Pea: I’m unemployed. Right now I’m gardening.  This is exactly what an unemployed Pea would do…

Me: So will we get together?

Pea: Yes, but it will take a while. But then we will get married!

We walk a while more.

Me: I am a little worried… You don’t have a great track record with your computer game wives… either you murder them, or they die as bystanders, or you abandon them.

Pea: I would never murder you!!  I gave you the cutest face!  And eyebrows! Really, the only normal-looking eyebrows.

Pea later shows me the game on his tablet. He has also given me slightly gigantic boobs, despite my moderate-to-modest rack. He swears there were not that many options, and, from the size of his Sim’s booty, I believe him.


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