feel the burn

Here is a concern of mine. I can feel developing follicles: last month, I had one large follicle on my left hand side. I didn’t need an ultrasound to tell me this, I could feel the sucker.

It’s uncomfortable from about day seven onwards, as the follicle grows and shifts.  I am day 8 of my cycle today, and am definitely growing something on my left side, and possibly (hopefully!) also on my right.

What will this translate to if I am growing 20 follicles all at once?  It just sounds very uncomfortable if not downright painful.  Our IVF info session said the number of antral follicles on the day 3 scan is about 80% of what you might expect to get as developed follicles, and then about 80% of those might be mature.  I have never had fewer than 20 antral follicles on a day 3 scan.

I have a low grade fear my ovaries will cartoonishly explode, like the very fat man in the Monty Python sketch.

2 thoughts on “feel the burn

  1. Turia

    It does hurt, but I’ve always found it to be a low grade level of discomfort. It’s like you have little hot rocks in your abdomen. And I’ve had way more than 20 eggs retrieved on those cycles. You will not explode!


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