Pea is stuffy today, and sneezy.  I feel awful that I’ve probably gotten him sick right before our trip.

I dragged my not-nearly-as-sick self off to the clinic this morning for an ultrasound. Even without the IUI, I like knowing what is going on, and it made sense to me to see where we were at.

As expected, a bilateral ovulation, with one follicle per ovary.  As expected based on my very very close to positive OPKs last night and this morning, they are ripe and (unexpectedly) GIANT: 27 mm on the left, and 25 mm on the right.  The ultrasound images looked like mirror images of each other.  I came home and triggered just to ensure they both rupture.

Pea and I have been and will continue to give it our all, despite not being super great at frequent sex. It’s our last chance to make this happen in the confines of my uterine system, and that’s worth some under-the-weather sex.

Off off we go, in more ways than one!

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