cloud nine

There has been a lot of loss and grief on my reader in the past weeks, and I am so very sorry for all of you who are facing the loss of loved ones or the shock of accidents taking people from us too early. My heart is full for you, and if I knew where you guys lived, you’d have cookies already. I’m having a very different type of week, and wanted to acknowledge that I’m an outlier this month.


I am having the best week of my life.  In chronological order: Friday morning I learned I had two lovely follicles, one per ovary. I had woken up that morning largely over my head cold. I got a job offer from my top choice school Friday morning. I got a job offer from my second choice school Friday evening. I got on a red-eye Friday night, and then spent five days on the beach, surrounded by family I haven’t seen in ages, celebrating my cousin’s marriage. I learned water refraction means if I can’t have my contacts in, I can still see quite clearly to snorkel. I burned my back snorkeling for too long. I got proofs for two articles that are now officially in press. We got very positive reviews back from a very very prestigious journal – we’re talking a one-word-title journal, whose impact factor is literally triple my current best impact publication. I’m second author, and this is the kind of thing that would literally make your career as a young scientist, except it somewhat seems I have made mine already!

Pea and I managed a marathon the likes of which we never have before, so our timing was amazing.  If this cycle doesn’t work out, it was at least perfect enough to give me closure moving to IVF.  If this doesn’t work, it really isn’t at all likely to, and I can be more easily at peace with that.

The job offers are amazing, and I literally could not stop smiling for about a day week (still smiling). I had a little moment on the plane, with Pea asleep beside me, where I just broke down and bawled with happiness. A faculty position is a unicorn these days, and the science press is filled to the brim with the unlikelihood of my generation of scientists finding jobs, the stress of balancing two body problems, and the insane work ethic required to succeed. I have job offers. That sentence blows my mind. My top choice school would mean Pea and I could conceivably both walk to our respective dream jobs, as Golden Company has a large office in the same small city as that school. It is perfect. I am beyond excited.

This week involves getting caught up on what I’ve missed while sick and then snorkeling, orchestrating contract negotiations with both schools to see what my best option is, and whether I can improve that best option, and going to our new clinic for our first appointment with our IVF RE, Dr. H.  I am sad to be leaving Dr. L, she’s been wonderful, but I’m not $20,000 sad (insurance in-network requirements are a powerful motivator for change).  So it will be busy, but productive, and it is nice to be back, and healthy, and ready to do some actual work for a change.


6 thoughts on “cloud nine

  1. Haisla

    This is such amazing news!!! Soak it all up – you deserve it!!! And hopefully being at such great place emotionally will have a positive impact at the fertility front too!xx

  2. Turia

    You have worked your ASS off for years to make those job offers happen. For YEARS. You have done absolutely everything right. And it makes me so very happy to see good things coming to you, good things which you so richly deserve. (And obviously am very excited at having you closer and may or may not have already googled the driving time from our house to your top choice of future work…)

    Also very excited about the one word journal and the positive review!

    So glad you had a great week. The fall and December were so stressful and you deserve every moment of happiness now.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I googled it too!! An hour! We can make that happen. I envision many weekends where we’re making the trek into the city, as we have so many people there, and it is so close! I’m so excited!
      I am rolling around in happiness this week, making sure to stay present in it rather than immediately starting to stress about next steps!


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