Pea and I went to our initial IVF appointment on Friday.  Now we have many many checklists of items to complete, and this is with most of our required blood work being done already though our original clinic or my OB/GYN.

So many things to do!  Though some are small (confirm I am taking a prenatal. yes. for three years now.), others are larger (decide if we want genetic testing for SMA and Fragile X).

We both have some blood work to do.  We both have a course of antibiotics to take starting cycle day 1. I have a pack of birth control pills to start taking, counter-intuitively, but so as to regulate my ovaries.

Our timeline is what I had hoped: cycle day 1 will be in about a week if I’m not knocked up right now.  I’ll take 3 weeks of birth control.  Then we’ll start the IVF protocol, meaning it’ll run through late Feb/early March, which is as early as it could be.  My new RE wants to do a lupron trigger, which means I won’t be using lupron while on birth control.  They have had great success with lupron triggers, she says, and she is their PCOS specialist RE. She is fine with a split of natural and ICSI for fertilization. Pea thinks we should run the experiment of the split. I would rather just do ICSI (higher % fertilized, no gender bias), but out RE thinks there is no reason to do all ICSI unless Pea’s Kruger morphology test shows something odd.  So we have another few discussions on this coming up.

Worries include: 1) do I want more information regarding genetic predispositions? Have not yet talked to Pea about it. 2) this clinic is pretty adamant about only transferring one embryo if there is no obvious reason to put more in (advanced maternal age being the only reason they’ve really given).  I want to transfer two. Pea is ok with one, and worried about dangers to me and the babies if it happened to be a twin pregnancy. We don’t actually have any embryos yet, so it’s pretty moot at this point.

I have a lot on my plate with negotiating contracts for these job offers, so it’s not ideal to have all these IF checklists too, but we will get through them and then we’ll be all set to move forward. I am ready to move to something with a higher shot of success, I really really am.


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