my glorious brain

I’m feeling very tired and very nauseous. Here is what my brain does with this information.

First – oh god, even though that test was STARK WHITE and I’ve been bleeding like it’s my job for four days, I’m totally pregnant and it’s totally ectopic. Oh god, ectopic, so probably I’ll have to take methotrexate, and that’ll kill any TTC for at least three months, maybe longer, so that would make a due date definitely once I’ve already started a new job and that’s awful and oh god I hope this pregnancy is not trying to kill me.

Second – you are ridiculous. You are taking a hefty antibiotic. It’s probably just kicking the sh*t out of your digestive system (figuratively and literally, hi-yo!!). Pea also feels off, and he is on the same antibiotic.

Third – I should pee on a stick just to be sure.

In undoubtedly related news, job negotiations between the two schools continue, and I’m alternately very reassured and losing my mind, depending on who I have heard from most recently and what it was they said. I have a final offer with unbelievably generous terms from school B, in hand, with a two week deadline after which the offer is rescinded. I have nothing on paper from school A, but our negotiations have led to a much much stronger offer than they had originally described – close to, but not as good as school B’s. They just promised five minutes ago I will have a similarly final offer within a week. So this might all work out. I’ve asked school B to be patient, citing that I would have extended them the same courtesy were the timelines reversed.


2 thoughts on “my glorious brain

  1. Haisla

    Oh, yes – I completely recognise the TTC brain syndrome!! Happens to me almost every month, where one part of the brain tries to convince the rest that despite all evidence I might actually be pregnant.

    Wishing you all the best with the job offer negotiations; sounds like their going well!!xx

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Haisla, hello! I hope 2015 has been treating you well so far.
      My brain is totally capable of being logical and completely irrational at the same time. It’s a marvel. I did cave and pee on a stick just to shut up my crazy side – of course negative, which at that point I actually wanted to see, to make my point… to me… sigh.


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