So my uterus is perfect, pronounced so by my RE, who is also delighted that my cervix is very easy to navigate. Inserting the catheter for the IUI had always been very very easy, but that’s right before ovulation when the cervix is a giant gaping orifice, so I wasn’t sure how it would go yesterday, midway through a birth control cycle.

Saline sonograms, however, hurt. I took the requested 800 mg of ibuprofen an hour before the procedure. Many women online have said “oh, it wasn’t that bad” and “it was like bad period cramps”. Ladies, if that is what your periods feel like, my deepest sympathies. I am not generally a pain wimp, and this was mostly just uncomfortable, but for a few separate moments at max inflation it was downright painful. I was deep breathing, and I whimpered once, suppressing the urge to flinch away from the pain.

Also my clinic is a teaching clinic, so the RE with the ultrasound wand was, I am pretty sure, a trainee. That said, she was competent and the whole thing only took ten minutes from fully clothed and back again.

While it is good that my uterus is squeaky clean, every time something is proven to be fine, it heightens the likelihood that my egg quality is just shit. Which may be harder to surmount than other possible issues.  We shall see!

One thought on “‘Perfect’

  1. Turia

    Yes, but with PCOS our egg quality is always likely to be an issue.

    I am a firm, firm believer that ticking off other boxes as “nothing wrong there” is a GOOD thing. If you get a good embie, you have a perfect uterus where it can set up shop!


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