Attractiveness lowered.

If you are trying to convince someone to come and work for you, and you know that they have another, competitive offer, you would hurry your side up a bit, no? If you knew their other offer expired on, say, next Wednesday, with Monday being a holiday in both relevant countries, you might perhaps endeavor to get your counter offer to your candidate by, oh I dunno, today (?!!) so that the candidate had a chance to peruse their options.

No word from school A, other than a flurry of emails yesterday in which they said the offer was approved and finalized, and they needed my birth date and SIN and then would write up the letter and courier it to me once the Provost signed it. I asked them, nicely, to also scan and email it to me once ready given the timeline is so tight. They agreed, and a very nice secretary said she sympathized with my position.

And then today: nothing. NOTHING.  This means that AT BEST I will get an offer from them on Tuesday. I will have strung school B along for the FULL two weeks they gave me to consider their offer, all the while knowing I was going to turn it down. I will have less than 24 hours to make what is the most important decision of my career. I could have had five days, and a lovely long weekend to think things through if they had sent it today, which seems only civilized.

Nothing will change, but boy howdy this makes me irritated with school A, and I’m not sure that’s exactly the foot our working relationship should have started on.


One thought on “Attractiveness lowered.

  1. Turia

    I would say that this is now entering into the realm of farce, except it probably doesn’t seem at all funny from where you’re sitting. Q. says this is just ridiculous and would like to point out that he didn’t even HAVE a SIN number (not being a Canuck) when he was offered his position. And he had an e-mail copy first before the written one arrived.

    I hope you can enjoy the long weekend without stewing over it too much. And I hope with all my heart that they get their act together and get something to you early on Tuesday.


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