I have had two heavy weights on my back this past week. The tick-tock of my IVF calendar and the race to get my insurance ducks in a row in time, and the tick-tock of my offer from school B, set to expire and yet no word from school A.

Yesterday I went to see my OB/GYN for a somewhat overdue physical. Ironic given how much time I have spent in stirrups the past year, and how poked and prodded I have been, but as none of it was with my health in mind, it was time. I asked him for a referral to the new clinic, and lo, the referral was submitted. A full three weeks before I will need medications in hand for IVF, and with more than enough time to get all the other insurance ducks in a row.  Could I have done this earlier had I known, and hence avoided the mass panic of calling all of my primary care providers and demanding their earliest appointments? Yes, but it is sorted now.

Today I calmly and politely emailed school A to see if their “everything is all set to go” email on Thursday meant they could have something on paper to me by end of business today, with a firm restatement that I was being put in an uncomfortable position. Given I was freaking out completely, and school B’s offer expires tomorrow, I felt it was a reasonable moment to nudge them strongly. They sent me the offer. It is not signed by the Provost yet, as it seems to have gotten caught in that office’s bureaucracy, but the Provost has emailed the department to say it all looks fine and dandy, so there’s little risk something will go awry. I set school B free immediately.

I feel immeasurably better. I can breathe.


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