sinking in

In explaining to various folk, academic and not, about this job negotiation process and the reasons for choosing school A over school B, a level of unreality keeps creeping in.

I just got my dream job. Where Pea can transition to a different Golden Company office and keep HIS dream job. In one of the most ideal locations I could imagine given where our families are and what we both want from a place to live. We can afford a house. We can both conceivably walk or bike to work. Our life will include gardens and BBQs, neither of which we’ve been able to have for the past decade. It’s not even THAT small a city, so it might have great food around too. It’s famed for its farmer’s markets, which we value.

It’s PERFECT, and I got it.  I somehow pulled off the academic equivalent of a unicorn. This was the first position I ever applied for, and the first interview I ever did.

I don’t think this was all luck, it mostly wasn’t. But that this particular position opened up, and it was in my field and in a place I wanted to be – that was luck.

I’m SO freaking excited. I just got the email saying the couriered offer is waiting for me at home, so tonight, when I sign on the line, this all becomes real.

lab book update – three weeks of birth control done today. One to go. I’ve successfully* gained three pounds, at least a pound of which has got to be in my boobs. The ladies are gigantic. Pea is pleased.

* we are calling it a success. Yes we are. Even if I freaked out at the scale number yesterday and then felt all sorts of weird food denial things for a few hours. I never set how much weight I could gain, but I didn’t want to be losing weight. Still don’t, so this is good.  Yes good. Plus, did I mention? My boobs are ginormous. I match my Sim now!


4 thoughts on “sinking in

  1. Turia

    Whee! By now you have probably got home and signed it! Yay yay yay! You are right- it was luck in that a job in your field (ish) came up this year at that school but it is NOT LUCK that you were the one who got the job. That you earned. Every last step of the way.
    PS. Enjoy your new boobs!

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      ha ha ha, I am not really enjoying them, as they are sore. Pea is appreciative though.
      I’m on my way out of the office now.. so T-60 minutes til I have that offer in my hot little hands! Whee!


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