It begins

I signed the offer from school A on Tuesday. I posted the news to facebook and twitter. I received a ridiculous outpouring of love and support and excitement from both communities. It was wonderful.

Yesterday evening I got an email from a to-be-colleague asking if I was interested in a collaboration opportunity he’d been given that was not really up his alley, but was a good project and would be in my scope of proposed work. It’s not really a system I’m deeply interested in, but the work needed from my side sounds like it’s well in my wheelhouse, and wouldn’t be too demanding. It might pay some bills, get me a post-doc. It might be a mistake to join a large-scale collaborative effort immediately out the gate. It might be amazing for networking and establishing myself. It seems early to sign up for anything because I don’t have a lab space yet, and won’t for another 12 months or so. I asked for more information about the project scope and my part of it. I am being cautious about saying yes to things, because I know how overwhelming it can get when starting out, and my priority has to be my own research program.

Speaking of, this same to-be-colleague mentioned that he’s on sabbatical, and happy to look over my National Funding Agency application, due this October (and which I am eligible to apply for, and really should apply for, since it takes a year to get an answer). Which is really nice of him, and you better believe I am going to take him up on the offer.

This morning in my inbox was the information on how to apply for Prestigious Position, which was a component of the job offer from school A. It’s not a small application process –  6 page research plan, complicated CV form*, and a ton of paperwork to coordinate with the school.

The fallacy of having 10 months to relax, do some good work for my current boss, soak in California, and mentally prep for becoming a prof has fallen away. I knew it was a lie, but it was such a nice lie.

I am a prof already, as of Tuesday. It has begun. I can keep it as my weekend morning “while Pea is sleeping” project for the next while, but it is going to creep in on more than that eventually.

*why is it SO impossible for all application systems to utilize the same formats for entering biographic information? So nitpicky and time consuming and it doesn’t really matter what format it’s in, except it does HAVE to be the right format.

lab book update – I’m going to murder everyone involved in my health insurance, except for the secretary at my OBGYN’s office, who is solid gold. She pitched a histrionic fit at my insurance company yesterday to get them to process my prior authorization referral (submitted 8 business days ago) earlier than in 5-10 business days. I should have the answer this morning. Our cycle starts Tuesday, so this is uncomfortably in the nick of time. I am tired of things being in the nick of time. But I am glad I started hounding various parties about this, or it would be seriously too late.


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