dance the dance of futility

I have been in contact with my OBGYN’s office seven times in the past three days, tracking the progress of getting my authorization to see the IVF clinic expedited.

I called them this morning to find out the authorization had gone through, and had been approved. She agreed to scan and email it to me.  *giant sigh of relief*

It arrived in my inbox. It is the authorization for the saline sonogram. Not the office visit authorization that I actually need.

I’ve already called my insurance directly and gotten them to expedite the actual correct authorization. I’ve been told to call back around 3 pm, or on Monday morning.

My appointment is on Tuesday.

I am losing my ever loving mind.

Just once, I would like something momentous in my life to not come right down to the wire. When I’m in control, things happen about a week in advance of deadlines. Because I DO NOT LIKE this feeling.


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