IVF a go go

Baseline ultrasound today – no cysts, thin uterine lining, and all is good to go. I start injections tomorrow. I was worried about cysts, really worried, as they have plagued me before, so I am relieved.

Pea and I went to our injection class on Tuesday. It was a lot of needles, and kinds of needles, and ways of mixing things. I worked with syringes and needles for years in my Ph.D., so I was actually a bit bored. Pea does not like needles. He does not like that I will have to have so many needles. He DOES NOT LIKE that he will have to give me the progesterone needles, but he is trying to be stalwart about it.

He made me steal one of our practice needles, and on the way home he bought an orange to practice on. I think this is equal parts mildly concerning and adorable. I am sure if it is truly a disaster that I can figure out a way to do the progesterone shots myself, but frankly, I don’t really mind if Pea has a bit of emotional trauma during the next month. It might put us in more similar frames of mind.

Pea also wrote some notes during the injection class. One of which was “dangerous for EVERYONE” when they were talking about multiple gestations. I think, barring oddly developing or poor quality embryos, we will be transferring one. I would prefer two, but Pea is seriously worried, and I see his point. My RE is gung-ho to only do one as well, so this is probably how it would play even if I tried to fight for two, so better I quietly get my head wrapped around the 50:50 probabilities with a one-embryo transfer now.


2 thoughts on “IVF a go go

  1. thecommonostrich

    This is exciting news! Though Mr. O didn’t have explicit needle phobia, he hated doing the injections. It’s hard to do something that you perceive as causing pain to someone you love. I get it, but there comes a point when we have to put on our big kid pants.

    Good luck!

  2. Turia

    So glad you got the go ahead! Tell Pea to e-mail Q. if he wants assvice on the needles. Q. was very good at them, but they are hard work, especially compared to the stims (the progesterone is thick and it takes brute force to push it in).

    I know several women who did their own PIO shots. There’s no way in hell I’d be able to, so I was glad Q. was able to man up and get it done. Get the nurses to draw you some target circles so he knows where to aim for.


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