six … seven… eight! Eight track marks, ah ah ahhh

So injections are happening. They are really not so bad, the subcutaneous needles are wee little things. Pea has been hanging out with me in the bathroom for moral support. Initially this made me nervous, but he has gone from looking kinda grey during the injections and having needle dreams on the first night to chatting about various daily news items and making up rhymes about needles and/or my body parts. So I think that is good. He also did some practice on the orange, which I think I probably shouldn’t have watched, as by the end he was avidly jabbing away trying to yield some juice out of it. I have made it abundantly clear that I will not yield orange juice either.

So far so good. I went for blood work on Sunday, and as my estrogen was below 5, they had me double up on my menopur. So I started with 150 U of gonal-f and 75 IU of Menopur for two nights, and am now at 150 of each until Wednesday when I go back in for a scan and more blood work. I’m half of the time worried I won’t respond at all (what units are they measuring estrogen in? How could it be lower than 5? Did the birth control make me male?) and the other half of the time worried the weekend doctor bumping my dose up will cause mass overstimulation and unripe eggs leading to IVF failure (I can FEEEEL my ovaries! Oh wait, no, that’s hunger. Or maybe my ovaries exploding).  Though, to be honest, I’m not really all that worried about it most of the time.

I’m not sure why I am as blasé as I am about this IVF shindig, but it’s a bit of a blessing. Maybe I can’t keep it up for the whole time, but for now, I take my injections, and I go about my day. Que sera sera – not my typical way of approaching life, but it is where I find myself, this week at least.

Oh, and for real and final, the insurance nonsense is sorted out. Neither the insurance care person with my clinic nor my primary care provider’s entire main office are my favorite people, but it is sorted out and I can spend less of my life on the phone from now on in. In sum, IVF will be $35 per appointment and probably about $600 in drugs ($390 so far but I’ll need more Menopur at this rate). It may well be less than $1000 all told. I am a lucky lucky bug, and I know it.


9 thoughts on “six … seven… eight! Eight track marks, ah ah ahhh

  1. Turia

    If you are able to not fuss about it, take it for as long as you can. It will probably start to feel a lot more stressful once you get close to the endgame and you have a sense of what the eggs/embryos are or are not doing.

    Glad it is all going well, and that is AMAZING to get it done for under $1000. Like beyond amazing. So much of the stress surrounding IVF for me is the financial cost, because when you are looking at shelling out $10,000, there are a whole lot of other things you could be doing with that money.


    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I think a big part of it is that my follicles were too small to see on my baseline, so I don’t have any numbers to obsess over right now. That may well all change tomorrow once I get my scan, but for now I’m still feeling pretty relaxed about the whole thing.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Oh, yes, that is the co-pay. I pay either $10 or $180 to have drugs dispensed, depending on what their category is, and weirdly most of the drugs were in the “normal prescription” category. Just the Ganirilex and Menopur were in the $180 category.
      Golden Company insurance is crazy, but wonderful. Even if we run through my whole $20,000 fertility cost, we’d still get those co-pays for drugs for future efforts if needed.

  2. thecommonostrich

    Hey, whatever works for you. I was pretty numb to the whole injections bit. (ha!) Try and keep that zen with you while the numbers start rolling in!

    Also, don’t beat yourself up if you do start feeling anxious. Remember: you are injecting yourself with hormones. That might make you a little nutso at a certain point, and that is a-okay.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Thanks Ostrich! I keep waiting to hormonally lose my mind, but so far I seem relatively sane. Running slightly warm, but that’s it. Still early days though.

  3. Haisla

    So excited for you. Keep the zen if you can but as others have said a bit of anxiety is probably part and parcel of the process (not that it’s nice). I’m following with interest as I’ll be starting my down regulating meds in a couple of weeks. We’re almost, sort of cycle buddies! I really, really hope this one works for us both!!!xx


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