burbling away

I’ve got my technical lab book on the go, so I will spare you the gory details. Suffice to say, my ovaries are burbling away, and are merrily making somewhere around 20-23 follicles. And boy howdy can I feel it. Clinic-imposed requirements to not do high impact exercise are not required – nothing high impact sounds like fun right now. Plus the follies are still a bit wee – 10-13 mm… so what fun when they balloon further! It’s not painful, per se, but it’s definitely not particularly comfortable either.

Predictions are that I will trigger Wednesday or Thursday, which seems too soon. My follies are all below 14 mm, and if they only grow 2 mm per day, this seems like not enough time to get the frontrunners to 20 mm. However, I am not an RE, and now they want me in daily, so I feel like I’m in good hands. I have enough drugs to get through Wednesday night, and I will be annoyed if I have to cough up $180 co-pays each for one ganirilex syringe and two menopur vials. The gonal-f, weirdly, is only $5. So I’m perfectly happy to refill that one for small amounts of drug if necessary. I do recognize this is ludicrously cheap, but it’s still money, and I’d still rather not pay it if I don’t have to.

Today I’m finding myself a bit emotionally erratic, but that may be due to a slight lack of sleep. I’m doing the injections at 11 pm, which is right before bed, and I take a while to wind down after. I would do them earlier, but this is already adjusted from my original time because I failed to take daylight savings time into account when I initially started.

So. Onwards, and egg retrieval will likely be Friday or Saturday.


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