you can’t take me anywhere

If you leave me in an exam room with the graph of my follicles up on the computer screen, you better believe I’ll take a picture of it: (blue is Right ovary, orange is Left. Size is in mm on the y axis, date on the x axis).

photo (2)

Mistake though, since I definitely then obsessed over it for a while, as my ovaries continue to be slightly pokey. Is my right ovary stalling out? Why do they have drugs entered up until Saturday if the trigger is meant to be Thursday? Are my follicles all too small? Are they getting tired from all the stimming? I am getting tired from all the stimming, so that would be fair.

Seriously, there was no universe where I wasn’t going to take that picture, but there was also no universe where having this picture is a good thing for me. Except that I find the cheery little blips much more adorable than the monster black caves of follicles on the ultrasound images. Seriously, life springs from black holes of doom in our abdomens.

I’m going back to work now.

4 thoughts on “you can’t take me anywhere

  1. thecommonostrich

    I would have done the SAME THING, if anyone had left me alone with my charts. This is where IVF gets hard (for me, anyway.) You have “information” and it is so difficult not to extrapolate from it.

    Though I am with you on the tiny blip front- it feels much more tangible and real than the actual ultrasound images. Give me dots on a graph any day! Ah, the curse of being a nerdy girl…

  2. Turia

    Your clinic has a computer graph??!! Oh I would be all over that. With mine I have to read mine upside down while talking to the doctor…
    Getting close!


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